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Scottish Murders

Scottish Murders is a fortnightly victim focused true crime podcast that covers the murders of those living in Scotland, hosted by Dawn, and occasionally her sister Cole. Scottish Murders has been shortlisted for Best Indie Podcast at the True Crime Awards 2023 and in the True Crime Category for the Independent Podcast Awards 2023.


Keep Current, Keep Coding with RoguePlanetoid podcast where each episode you can find insights for developers, whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional using Microsoft and related platforms, along with related technology and so much more!

Scottish Digest

Scottish Digest will take you on a wee tour around Bonnie Scotland, from its cities, towns and hidden gems. We’ll share with you things to see and do while you’re there, we’ll give you personal recommendations, such as places to eat and stay, and we’ll even tell you about events and festivals that are taking place there.

The Blue Way

Have you ever wondered what police do on a day to day basis, what differences there are between police officers throughout the world, how family members cope with having a police officer in their family, about the good and sometimes bad experiences people have had with the police, about officers who have killed or been killed in the line of duty, or about police that have committed crimes themselves? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then join me Dawn to discover all this and more on The Blue Way.

Talking Inspiration

Join host, Peter, for the first season of Talking Inspiration as he delves deeper into the thoughts of inspirational individuals, from leaders, persuaders, battlers, and achievers, and how they’ve built themselves up in order to impact and inspire others.


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Our Podcast Recognition

Scottish Murders was Shortlisted in the True Crime Category for the CrimeConUK True Crime Awards in 2023.

Scottish Murders was Shortlisted in the True Crime Category for the Independent Podcast Awards in 2023.

Our Appearances

Dawn had the pleasure of speaking at The Podcast Show in London on the 23 May 2024, her first ever talk, on the Creator Stage on ‘Beyond the Headlines: Ethical Diving into True Crime Podcast Investigations’, hosted by Mary from Spreaker.

Peter and Dawn exhibited at The Podcast Show in London on the 22 & 23 May 2024 for the first time. They had a fantastic time, meeting so many new or existing podcasters, and small business owners.

We’re so proud of our CTO, Peter, for attending Durhack at Durham University, and staying, along with over 450 students from across the UK, for over 30 hours, helping, advising, motivating, and judging some of the fantastic ideas that came out of this hackathon.

Dawn from Scottish Murders appeared on The Big Scottish Book Club’s Special Crime Episode in October 2023.

Peter from RoguePlanetoid appeared on The Modern .NET Show  S4 Ep6, where he talked with Jamie about Windows App SDK.

Peter from RoguePlanetoid giving a talk about .NET 8 and Blazor to a packed room at TusPark for the DevHub North Event in October 2023.

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