About Us

Cluaran (Thistle in Gaelic) tonn (Wave in Gaelic)

Cluarantonn delivers award shortlisted, high quality and thought-provoking podcasts for a variety of listeners. Let us be your bridge to podcast industry experts.

Dawn, Co-Founder and CEO of Cluarantonn, is proud of her Scottish roots and wanted to incorporate a part of Scotland into the name of the agency, and, as Dawn is the host of two successful podcasts, and has the skills that made them successful, what better name than Cluarantonn.

We are so proud that our flagship show, Scottish Murders, hosted by Dawn, has been shortlisted by the True Crime Awards for Best Indie Podcast 2023 and in the True Crime Category for the Independent Podcast Awards 2023.

If you need advice about podcasting, from ‘What is a podcast, and how can it help me and my brand?’ to ‘Finding a recording studio’, then get in touch and let us guide you on your podcasting journey and ensure your podcasting needs, such as editing, social media, marketing, production, are met to a high standard, by small businesses and freelance industry experts, that we have built tried and tested relationships with.

Let Cluarantonn do the hard work for you, so you can simply enjoy your podcasting journey, knowing you are in safe hands.

Peter, Co-Founder and CTO of Cluarantonn, is a .NET software developer with over 20 years experience.  He is a technology enthusiast, produces the RoguePlanetoid Podcast, which is all about Microsoft and related technology, and has written and produced the Scottish Murders podcast.

Peter also regularly attends and speaks at a variety of software and technology events and user groups and writes and publishes his own tutorials, talks and workshops.

Podcast Power Hour!

Are you a newbie and need some guidance, or have been podcasting a while and need some clarity, then book a chat with us and let us be your helping hand.

Our Message

Our whole identity was designed to represent our purpose.
Here’s a quick breakdown of what makes us who we are.

‘Cluaran’ means ‘thistle’ and
‘Tonn’ means ‘wave’ in
Gaelic – our co-founder is

The top of our logo doubles
as the top of a thistle as well
as microphone sound

A hidden ‘C’
to represent
the initial of
our business

Also doubling
as a podcast

The base of the podcast
microphone being the
foundation that holds it all
together; we aspire to lift
you up!

It’s also a small
bridge, an ode to our
slogan: the bridge to