Season 1 Episode 1 - Anthony McNeil and Steven Keogh

Season 1 Episode 1 – Anthony McNeil and Steven Keogh

Welcome to the very first episode of The Blue Way!

We’re starting off this season speaking with two former police officers; Anthony McNeil and Steven Keogh.

Anthony McNeil who was a Police Officer with City of Southfield Police Department in
Michigan, over a 20 year period from 1992 until 2013. During this time, Anthony worked in a variety of roles, including; patrol, Field Training officer, hostage negotiator and detective. Throughout Anthony’s career he was
awarded many department citations and merits, and was named “Everyday Hero” by a local TV station. Anthony sadly had health issues which forced him off the road in 2008, and into a front desk job, where he worked for five years, but he didn’t enjoy this and so he retired.

Steven Keogh was a Metropolitan Police Officer in London, with his first posting being in 1991
in South London when he was 20 years old. Steven spent half of his 30 year career as a Scotland Yard Detective, ending his career in 2021 as a Detective Inspector in the Murder Investigation Team, where he had been a murder
investigator for 12 years. Over his career, Steven helped to hunt down terrorists, when in 2002 he joined Scotland Yard’s Elite Anti-terrorist Branch, where he spent three years, and he also investigated some of London’s worst murder cases.
Steven received a commendation in 2005 from the work he carried out on the London 7/7 bombings.

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Anthony McNeil

Steven Keogh


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Have you ever wondered what police do on a day to day basis, what differences there are between police throughout the world, how family members cope with having a police officer in their family, about the good and sometimes bad experiences people have had with the police, about officers who have killed or been killed in the line of duty, or about police that have committed crimes themselves? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then join me Dawn to discover all this and more on The Blue Way.

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